How Not To Get Ripped Off By Online Dating Sites

Years ago I had a friend who spent hundreds of dollars a month on various online dating sites. The funny thing was, I don’t believe he ever got one date out of his investment. It’s not that he was a bad guy or even bad looking for that matter, he just chose the wrong dating sites. I’d like to give you a few pointers today to steer you in the right direction. so maybe you might have better luck than my friend.Stick With The Bigger NamesIf you have never signed up with an online dating site before, always go with some of the bigger names out there to get your feet wet. These are sites like eHarmony, and even Adult Friend Finder. There are many to choose from. The reason I tell you this, is dating sites come and go and once they are gone say good-bye to your membership and your money. If you are looking for a particular dating site that isn’t quite main stream, you will have to choose a smaller site. When you go for these bigger and sites, you know they will be around for a little while. Plus they usually have more members and better features.How Do I Know Which Sites Are Big?Well if you have never looked into online dating you will want to do an internet search and look at the various reviews and see what other singles are saying. You will also see that some of the same sites will keep coming up again and again. That is usually a good sign that they are a stable and rather large site.Never Pay UpfrontWith any site that looks good to you, never pay for a full membership right off the bat. Almost every large dating site offers a trial membership or even limited free full membership. Take this opportunity to test the site out and see if you like it. if the site seems to mesh well with you and you like the membership database, ll means sign up for a full membership. If you think you will be on the site for a while go for the annual rate as it is usually cheaper.It’s All About The GreenI figure you work just as hard for your money as I do, and really don’t relish the thought of losing it. So when it comes to online dating sites I want you to do two things. The first is always look at their money back guarantee and make sure they offer one. If you see no guarantee, you may want to think twice about joining. Secondly, never pay with your primary credit card. Invest in either a virtual credit card or a prepaid card. This way if you ever have any problems cancelling you can do it easier with one of those two choices.So go ahead and take a look at some of the more popular online dating sites and get involved. Just remember be safe and think smart.